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A journal cover featuring a slide of film afixed to the top of a light box. The slid depicts a side profile of a face. Superimposed over the slide are soft pink, opaque, culture-like blooms of color.  The slide is reflected in the top half of the image.

Where to Find Leonardo

Leonardo is published six times a year by The MIT Press. Subscriptions to Leonardo include print issues, digital versions available on The MIT Press website as well as the annual companion issue of LMJ. Individual issues or articles for both journals are also available from MIT Press, digital databases such as EBSCOhost, Project MUSE, JSTOR and via libraries and institutions around the world. 

Leonardo articles are indexed on and ranks third among Visual Arts titles on Google Scholar. See a full list of services that abstract and index Leonardo on The MIT Press website.

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Leonardo was founded in 1968 in Paris by kinetic artist and astronautical pioneer Frank Malina who saw the need for a journal to serve as an international channel of communication among artists, with emphasis on the writings of artists who use science and developing technologies in their work. Published by The MIT Press, Leonardo has become the leading international peer-reviewed journal on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music and the application and influence of the arts and humanities on science and technology.

Leonardo is interested in work that crosses the artificial boundaries separating contemporary arts and sciences. Featuring illustrated articles written by artists about their own work as well as articles by historians, theoreticians, philosophers and other researchers, the journal is particularly concerned with issues related to the interaction of the arts, sciences and technology. Leonardo focuses on the visual arts and also addresses music, video, performance, language, environmental and conceptual arts—especially as they relate to the visual arts or make use of the tools, materials and ideas of contemporary science and technology. New concepts, materials and techniques and other subjects of general artistic interest are covered, as are legal, economic and political aspects of art.

Beginning in 2021 Leonardo journal includes music and sound art, encompassing content from Leonardo Music Journal (retired 2020), into its editorial focus. 

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