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Frequently Asked Questions


No. Unsolicited articles are published in Leonardo based on the article category and date received.

Authors should expect two months to complete the evaluation, review and decision (please note that at the ends and beginnings of academic periods, another month may be required).

Papers will be posted on the Leonardo Just Accepted (JA) page of The MIT Press website within 4–6 months after acceptance and receipt of all required permissions. JA is the first form of publication in which a watermark indicating the journal title, the copyright holder and the article's digital object identifier (DOI) is added.

For papers in our Statement format of two pages or less, an archival print publication can currently be expected in under 18 months from receipt of a submission. (This format can include approximately 2,000 words with up to three illustrations.)

Apart from papers in the Statement format, due to the continued dynamism of the art-science-technology field the current turnaround for submissions of over two pages (up to 3,500 words) to print is over three years.



Leonardo/ISAST does not process payments for advertisements on interior journal pages. This process is handled exclusively through the MIT Press. Email with any questions and/or submissions.

Advertisers for digital ads (e.g., newsletter, website display ads/posts, social media, etc.) and back cover journal print ads are welcome to pay directly on our website with a credit card or Paypal. We can also invoice the advertiser and accept a check payment. Note that we cannot process the ad until full payment is received. For wire transfers for international advertisers, please email All other print advertisers should contact for payments.

Organizational members, authors and editors receive a 20% discount off the full price of publications, not including print ads within the journals.

While it’s hard to speculate what the visitation rates are from month to month, we have seen a consistent range of 17,000 - 20,000 visitors per month with a high of 35,500 in March 2019.

Facebook: ~ 9700 followers
Twitter: ~3500 followers
Instagram: ~ 2400 followers

We have ~ 11,000 newsletter subscribers.

For newsletter ads, submissions are due 14 days prior to the release. On average we send newsletters out on the 15th of each month. For print ads, submissions are due 4 months prior to a journal’s publication date. All other ad placement is ongoing.

After payment is received and files are prepared, send files and copy to one of the following email addresses:

Leonardo/ISAST is responsible for the back cover and 1 full-page ad per issue. All other ads in the journals are managed by the MIT Press. Email with any questions and/or submissions for interior journal page ads.


Basic structure varies from site to site. The following are examples of working models:

  • A featured speaker with respondents or speakers who work in the same domain as the featured speaker
  • A themed event with two speakers and a panel
  • Four short presentations (10–15 minutes each, plus a 5-minute Q&A period with each presenter), with time allotted at the beginning and end of the program for networking and socializing. These can be themed or unthemed.

The purpose of the LASER program is to cross-pollinate with different industries of practice. In one LASER session you should have at least one artist and one scientist. They do not necessarily have to be working in an interdisciplinary manner, but it does help bridge the conversation if at least one of the speakers works in the intersection of art and science or art and technology.

The LASER program is a community initiative of Leonardo/ISAST. We do not want to have any barriers to entry into the community process.

We are in the process of setting up an event site hosted on a Drupal CMS. This work should be done by the end of 2016 and made available to LASER Hosts. In the meantime, we ask that you use Eventbrite as a main platform, using the Leonardo Eventbrite login and template provided.

We have provided a template in the Starter Pack that you can use to document the number of attendees, highlights, videos, images, social media reports, etc. We encourage reporting back with a list of attendees, links or files to LASER videos and photographs, list of speakers and their topics. We also provide a speaker database you can share with other LASER Hosts.