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Leonardo's 50th Anniversary

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Celebrating the Community for 50 Years

June 2017–December 2018

A half a century ago, kinetic artist and astronautical pioneer Frank Malina set out to solve the needs of a community of artists and scientists working across disciplines by using the “new media” of the time: offset print publishing. As a groundbreaking, innovative venture, Leonardo represented a unique vision: to serve as an international channel of communication among artists, with emphasis on the writings of artists who use science and developing technologies in their work. The result was Leonardo, an academic journal for artists with the peer-review rigor of a scientific journal. For 50 years, Leonardo has been the definitive publication for artist-academics, and the field has gained momentum in recent years.

Today, documenting and capturing the creative innovators and provocateurs of culture is not enough. If media is the messenger, then we must expand our scope to represent the unique works and challenges we face in the 21st century. To fully realize our purpose and place over the next 50 years, we are opening our doors to a year and a half of community collaboration to inform our efforts to redesign our programs and mission to meet the needs of our audience. We are reaching out to pioneers, institutions, thought leaders and the curious in an effort to nurture the exploding art/science/technology global community.

As a network of networks, we are reimagining our future with you at the forefront. We invite you to come along with us on this journey of rediscovery and reinvention. Why? Because the ideas that lead to critical breakthroughs can come from any direction and they don't taking sides.

50th Anniversary Partners and Events

Opening Celebration at ISEA 2017 Manizales Caldea Colombia 11 Jun. 2017 11 Jun. 2017
Art, Science and Technology: 50 years of Leonardo Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil 22 Jun. 2017 22 Jun. 2017
art*science - The New and History Bologna Italy 3 Jul. 2017 6 Jul. 2017
Anniversary Celebration During SIGGRAPH 2017 Los Angeles California United States 3 Aug. 2017 3 Aug. 2017
The Overview: Leonardo 50th Anniversary at Balance Unbalance Plymouth Devon United Kingdom 22 Aug. 2017 22 Aug. 2017
Leonardo 50th Anniversary Celebration at Concordia University Montreal Quebec Canada 6 Oct. 2017 6 Oct. 2017
The Panel: Leonardo 50th Anniversary Celebration Paddington New South Wales Australia 24 Oct. 2017 24 Oct. 2017
VSMM2017 Launch and Leonardo 50th Anniversary Celebration PARTY Dublin Ireland 31 Oct. 2017 31 Oct. 2017
50th Anniversary in St-Petersburg at CYFEST11 Sankt-Peterburg Russian Federation 2 Feb. 2018 12 Feb. 2018
Save the Date! 50th Anniversary in New Zealand at SCANZ18 Parihaka Taranaki New Zealand 12 Feb. 2018 12 Feb. 2018
Celebrate Leonardo's 50th Anniversary with Beall Center in Los Angeles Irvine California United States 24 Feb. 2018 24 Feb. 2018
50th Celebration at CPNAS District of Columbia United States 15 Mar. 2018 15 Mar. 2018
The Art and Science of Collective Motion Budapest Hungary 20 Mar. 2018 20 Mar. 2018
'Visual Music & Machine Learning Workshop for Kids Budapest Hungary 29 Mar. 2018 29 Mar. 2018
50 years of Leonardo: 50 years of "Cubo luminoso," Projekt Geldmacher-Mariotti 1968 Lima Peru 11 Apr. 2018 11 Apr. 2018
Leonardo 50 en México Distrito Federal Mexico 19 Apr. 2018 19 Apr. 2018
Save the Date! Leonardo 50th in Toronto at Digifest Toronto Ontario Canada 26 Apr. 2018 28 Apr. 2018
Leonardo 50th in Poland at the ITK Congress Gdańsk pomorskie Poland 13 May. 2018 13 May. 2018
Leonardo 50th at Hybrid Labs Symposium Espoo Finland 1 Jun. 2018 1 Jun. 2018
50th Celebration at SLSAeu København Copenhagen Denmark 13 Jun. 2018 14 Jun. 2018
50th Anniversary at FEM Meeting Évora Portugal 16 Jun. 2018 16 Jun. 2018
Leonardo's 50th Anniversary Celebration at ISEA 2018 Durban South Africa 23 Jun. 2018 30 Jun. 2018
ISDH2018: Holography Symposium Leonardo Day Aveiro Portugal 26 Jun. 2018 27 Jun. 2018
Kick-off!! Começar!!! Radio and Tv Leonardo Journal Montevideo Uruguay 29 Jun. 2018 29 Jun. 2018
Radio and Tv Leonardo Journal - Subject BioArt and Performance Montevideo Uruguay 27 Jul. 2018 27 Jul. 2018
50th Anniversary in Vancouver at SIGGRAPH Vancouver British Columbia Canada 12 Aug. 2018 16 Aug. 2018
Critical tourism: Disappearing Korčula Croatia 24 Aug. 2018 24 Aug. 2018
50th Anniversary Opening to Art Enlightening Immunology with WAAG Society Amsterdam Netherlands 30 Aug. 2018 30 Aug. 2018
Leonardo at ARS Electronica Linz Oberösterreich Austria 6 Sep. 2018 10 Sep. 2018
50th Celebration at Tsinghua University Beijing China 28 Sep. 2018 28 Sep. 2018
Leonardo's 50th Anniversary with MIT Press Cambridge Massachusetts United States 4 Oct. 2018 4 Oct. 2018
Leo50 at 6th International Computer Art Congress Mexico 11 Oct. 2018 11 Oct. 2018
Leo50 at Quite Frankly Conference Western Australia Australia 18 Oct. 2018 19 Oct. 2018
Leo50 at University of Texas Dallas Richardson Texas United States 19 Oct. 2018 19 Oct. 2018
50th Celebration at 2018 Académico Diseño Santiago Metropolitan Chile 29 Oct. 2018 31 Oct. 2018
The Convening San Francisco California United States 3 Nov. 2018 4 Nov. 2018
Celebración de los 50 años de Leonardo Buenos Aires Argentina 15 Nov. 2018 15 Nov. 2018
Celebración "50 Aniversario Leonardo Journal" Montevideo Uruguay 20 Nov. 2018 23 Nov. 2018
Digital Day and Celebration of Leonardo 50th KULTURTANKEN Oslo Norway 29 Nov. 2018 29 Nov. 2018
It is our pleasure to be able to partner with organizations around the world that excel at elevating conversations among artists, scientists and technologists.
Project Delphi is Leonardo’s experimental hub that we are using to explore how to reimagine Leonardo for the next 50 years and beta test the future. It provides a space for international dialogue in the community before, during and after each of our global anniversary celebrations. Project Delphi collects and publishes ideas, concepts and the work of researchers, scholars, artists and innovators. We invite you to join the conversation today.