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American Letters: National Science Foundation Poem

Dear National Science Foundation,

You were everything I ever wanted

when I was finishing my Ph.D. and I

have no idea why I didn’t pursue you further.

I liked the way you asked me how I liked

my research. You even asked about the percent

of the checks for my apparatus versus travel

and what went to my father University—

the modern dowry— still sexy in a vintage lingerie

sort of way, even if it was just about buying off my

Positioning Practitioners: Art and Science at SDM

I did not have a website for a long time. It’s not that I did not know how to make one or that I did not understand how important it was, it was simply that I did not know how to tell people who I was. I was happy to write but not to fill in the "About" section or even to add a link to be co. Should I say I am a poet? A curator? A social scientist who studies science and art? A STEAM education advocate?

centiSperm glaze for ceramic sculpture for Uranus’ castrated penis

I am considering the option of using the centiSperm as a glaze. Not for cupcakes although that came to mind. After electroporating raw centipede DNA into the germ cells, they could be used as a glaze for a fired ceramic sculpture. What came to mind was a sculpture commemorating Uranus’ castrated penis.


Meet the SDM 2016 Residents

Laura Boudou, Marseille, France, is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. Since 2013, she has performed professionally with choreographers in France, including Edmond Russo, Samir El Yamni, Barbara Amar, Lionel Hoche, Patrice Barthès, Nicolas Hubert, and Dominique Guilhaudin.