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Not art

plastic scrap I’m interested in the idea of trash–how we humans deal (or refuse to deal) with waste. At Djerassi there are many gorgeous and interesting art installations that are numbered and mapped for viewing. I want to focus on what is discarded here.

Leonardo Fellow in Technology and Arts Education

Hi Leonardo readers! My name is Jordan Hochenbaum and I’m a professor at California Institute of the Arts, where I teach in the Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence, and Design (MTIID) and Digital Media programs. During my Ph.D. I investigated the affordances of applying multimodal analysis to a musician’s daily instrumental practice. This approach demonstrated the ability to use technology to help a musician track their performance and training, while opening up doors that could provide pedagogical insights for more effective practice.

Dead Rabbits, Live Newts

What a rare privilege to be at work and walks here among such a wild profusion of intelligence, inventiveness and ethos. The poet Robert Creeley once said that you forge ahead, writing poems “because you care about the kind of world you live in.” What I have found here at Djerassi with my cohort is a burgeoning sense of world-building, made of scientific and artistic imagination.