centiSperm glaze for ceramic sculpture for Uranus’ castrated penis | Leonardo

centiSperm glaze for ceramic sculpture for Uranus’ castrated penis

By Adam Zaretsky

I am considering the option of using the centiSperm as a glaze. Not for cupcakes although that came to mind. After electroporating raw centipede DNA into the germ cells, they could be used as a glaze for a fired ceramic sculpture. What came to mind was a sculpture commemorating Uranus’ castrated penis.


The-Castration-of-Uranus-fresco-by-Vasari-Cristofano-Gherardi.-c.-1560-Sala-di-Cosimo-I-Palazzo-Vecchio-Florence The-Castration-of-Uranus-fresco-by-Vasari-Cristofano-Gherardi.-c.-1560-Sala-di-Cosimo-I-Palazzo-Vecchio-Florence


This is due to the fact that there is no commemoration on Corfu in Greece where Kronos (Titan of Time) cut the penis of his father off. I thought I would make a ceramic sculpture of the flaccid and amputated organ on a column/pedestal of ceramic (not marble). This could honor Robert Arneson, who I studied with at UCD. I suppose it is a form of hysterical male self portrait! After glazing with centiSperm, the sculpture/pedestal dedicated to Uranus’ Penis could be installed on the island of Corfu through the newly formed Corfu Contemporary Museum of Ephemeral Arts.