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Project Delphi FAQ's

1.  What should be submitted?

This should be your pet project, greatest idea, most lauded work, what you want others to see, what you want to get funded, or a project you want to promote for collaboration opportunities.

Project Delphi introduction

My name is Scott Trent.  I'm an artist, academic, consultant, community activist and author.  I am you.  Following is an explanation of the Project Delphi experiment:

I’m reaching out to the innovators, thinkers and creators who make up the Leonardo community.

I’m facilitating an experiment, Project Delphi, in an effort to capture, promote and document innovative work being done. 

My hope is by curating the work produced by the community, it will be available for other intellectuals to build on each other’s ideas.

A catalog of wishes - Part 2

The following are a selection of the wishes for the future generated by visitors to Djerassi's Open Studios/Open House event on July 16:


I wish we/I could learn from our/my past mistakes!

Stability and diversity for all.

I wish my sister could find peace and self love.

I wish that Donal Trump would become impeached.

Honey bees flourishing in all their glory.

I wish for whole-heartedness and insight, for wit and detail, for connection to others.

A catalog of wishes from Scientific Delirium Madness – Part 1

I am making a dance that asks the audience to imagine the future.  The following wishes for the future were generated from my personal studio practice with dancer Elizabeth Chitty, as well as in collaboration with the other Djerassi Residents:


I wish that everything was not so expensive.

I wish I wasn’t afraid of the unknown.

I wish for a future where everyone moves their body.

I wish I had a better relationship with my Dad.  I wish I actually knew him.

Leonardo at SIGGRAPH 2017

Join Leonardo this year at the SIGGRAPH 2017 conference and view the annual special Leonardo SIGGRAPH journal issue featuring new Art Papers, and for the first time in SIGGRAPH history, the Art Gallery that is dedicated exclusively to works by Latin American artists and designers.