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CripTech Incubator

CripTech Office Hours with Claudia Alick

Join Claudia Alick on the First Friday and Third Monday of every month to talk everything Criptech! This will be an open space to talk about the intersections of disability, art and technology, including accessible design, access choreographies, and building communities to support this work.

These are drop-ins, so you can join as and when you like.

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First Friday, 9am - 10am PST

Support a2ru’s work in arts research & disability justice

Groundworks aims to raise an initial $5,000 to defray the costs of working directly with the artists to explore their processes in ways that are accessible and equitable. This will fund the running of a cross-disability documentation workshop and pilot data collection activities with fully accessible content. If Ground Works reach our second goal of $10,000, this will help scale data collection and cover the technical costs of producing accessible, multi-modal materials that allow for wide community access on the Ground Works platform.

Press Release: Leonardo CripTech Incubator Debuts Inaugural Cohort of Artists

Leonardo/ISAST announces CripTech Incubator’s 2022-2023 inaugural cohort of six disabled artists, who have been selected to create and showcase innovative work in art and technology at residency sites across California. Leonardo’s artist fellows include: Carmen Papalia, Olivia Ting, JS Shokrian, Meesh Fradkin, Andy Slater and Moira Williams. Supported by the California Arts Council, Ability Central and the National Endowment for the Arts, CripTech Incubator is an art-and-technology fellowship centered on disability innovation. Encompassing residencies, workshops, presentations, publication and education, this innovation incubator creates a platform for disabled artists to engage and remake creative technologies through the lens of accessibility. 

Dates or Deadline: 
15 April 2021 to 20 May 2021
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Leonardo Program: 
Against a black background with pink and electric turqouise lines trace energetic geometries, the words Leonardo CripTech Incubator pop out in white block letters.

Disability, art and technology

Leonardo CripTech Incubator is an art-and-technology fellowship centered on disability innovation. Through 2022-2023, this incubator creates a platform for artists with disabilities to engage and remake creative technologies through the lens of accessibility. Across five residency sites in California in 2022, artists will have the opportunity to engage with a cohort of other disabled artists and a network of experts in technology and media to develop a project at the intersection of disability, art and technology that innovates new forms of aesthetic access.

What? Where? When?

Each of these residency sites vary in structure, form, location and time. In a 16-week Spring intensive, ThoughtWorks Arts in San Francisco offers artists specialist software support in design and engineering. Over a year of remote and on-site engagement at Nokia Bell Labs’ Silicon Valley, artists will collaborate with scientists and engineers using emerging technologies like AR, VR and AI. Through a year-long residency at Berkeley Disability Lab, an artist will conduct research, collaborate with UC Berkeley faculty and engage with the disability community on campus. At Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology, an artist will live onsite for 8 weeks (July and August 2022), using cutting-edge tools and technology including a fully programmable media environment with a haptic floor. Beall Center for Art and Technology at UC Irvine will facilitate a year-long research-based collaboration between artist and faculty, conducted remotely with 2-3 weeks spent onsite. In 2023, artists will have an opportunity to present their work in Leonardo’s LASER salon series, participate in workshops, exhibit their artworks and be published in a special issue of Leonardo journal. Artists will be awarded an $11,000 stipend to support their projects.


Interested in becoming a CripTech Incubator artist? Submit to our call for artists. Round 1 will be open from 15 April - 20 May 2021. In Round 1, we will assess artist interest and eligibility to participate in CripTech Incubator. We will review and invite more detailed submissions in early June. Round 2 will be open from 1 June-15 July 2021. Finalists will be invited and announced in August.


Check out our FAQ! Contact Vanessa Chang at or call 415-322-0037.