Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS)

Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS) is an evolving, comprehensive database of thesis abstracts (PhD, Master's and MFA) on topics at the intersection of the arts, sciences and technology. Persons who have received advanced degrees in arts (visual, sound, performing, text), computer sciences, the sciences and/or technology that in some way investigate philosophical, historical, critical or applications of science or technology to the arts are invited to submit an abstract of their thesis for publication consideration in this database. This English-language database is hosted by Pomona College (Claremont, CA) and is part of the Leonardo Educators and Students program.

In addition to being published in the LABS database, a selection of abstracts chosen by a peer review panel is published annually in Leonardo journal and on this website. Authors of abstracts most highly ranked by the panel are also invited to submit an article for publication consideration in Leonardo. The aim of LABS is not to duplicate existing thesis databases but rather to give visibility to interdisciplinary work, which is often hard to retrieve from existing databases.

The international peer review panel is made up of academics and artists and is chaired by LABS editor-in-chief Sheila Pinkel, Emerita Professor of Pomona College.

How to Submit a Thesis Abstract

To submit a thesis abstract or browse ones currently published in the English-language database, visit collections.pomona.edu/labs. The deadline for receipt of abstracts for review by the LABS peer review panel is June 30 each year. Abstract rankings are announced in the fall.