LABS 2021

The Leonardo Abstracts Service is an evolving, comprehensive database of thesis abstracts (PhD, Master's and MFA) on topics at the intersections between art, science and technology. This English-language database was established at Pomona College (Claremont, CA), under the direction of editor-in-chief Sheila Pinkel. Each year, in addition to being published in the database, a selection of abstracts chosen by a peer review panel for their special relevance are published in a digest on our website.

The nine highest-ranking abstracts of 2021 will be published in Leonardo journal (see upcoming Vol. 55, No. 5, October 2022). We are pleased to present below the top-ranked thesis abstracts of 2021, and we congratulate the authors of the theses.

Highest-Rated Abstracts

We also wish to acknowledge the following authors of notable abstracts: Marcilon Almeida de Melo, Alejandro Araque Mendoza, Najam-Ul Assar, Phil Barton, Anthony Brooks, Jo Burzynska, Haoran Chang, Alex Chechile, Chiao-chi Chou, Sean Clark, Daniela Elneff, Cameron Fraser, Megan Hines, Derek Holzer, Laura Hopes, You-Yang Hu, Jacqueline Knight, Charu Maithani, Alex McLean, Sam Meech, Clarissa Ribeiro, Michael Straeubig, Matej Vakula, Christine Veras, Graham Wakefield, Ashley Wong and Sheung Yiu.