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Dream Vortex, Djerassi Draft One

Meredith Tromble and I have been working on the Dream Vortex for a bit over three years - or I should say we started the project three years ago.  We’ve made some progress but approaching the vision for the project has been variously limited by too little time and limited software capabilities.


To enter another world you must first find an opening …baby, air and light and time and space have nothing to do with it. - Charles Bukowski treepixels Hemetca Sii, Anthony Heinz-May, 2014  

Process process

Rather odd, but I find myself having to be an advocate for time. Things come into being through time. And so, to my mind, time is important. And, for that matter, time shouldn't need championing. Many scientific colleagues, if confronted, would agree, but then turn right around and work as if all was static, given as is. If I say "pattern", what comes to mind is an image. (We're such visually evolved beings … we think.) Patterns in time are there, too, and perhaps even more important. Certainly, through music we know this.

Lost #2

galaxyDetermined not to be cowed by my first hike, I started out again this morning, albeit on a safer route. My thoughts turned again to lost - being lost, feeling lost.  We live in what we think is reality, but the Eastern mystics maintain it is an illusion.  Pierce the veil of maya, or the illusion of reality, and you see it for what it is - an illusion.

not a trick question, but

I have finally chosen one of the 5-6 projects floating through my musical mind to focus on developing.  Or perhaps it chose me.  That doesn't matter just now.  I should be able to complete it during this exciting residency.  And while it is a bit early to speak about it in detail, I do want to share one 1'15" movement I've composed yesterday here.  Its working title is tight but it may end up not having any more than a movement #X heading.

Here Come the Scientists and Artists! (Braced for impact)

As you might expect, my job as the Resident Manager at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program is heavily influenced by the personalities and needs of the rotating artists in residence. Usually this means I’m surrounded by inspiring, generous, and interesting people. Those are the 99% (and let’s not talk about those 1%). After 2 ½ years here I generally know what to expect and am pretty comfortable with our little routine. But what about this Scientists/Artists mix?? What would it be like? Scientists come with variables unknown to our staff, and it made me nervous. Are they community minded?


After the live music, we made quick studio visits. Watching Mandelbrot sets in Jim's studio. Counterclockwise from Jim, in foreground: Meredith, Henry, Anwyl, and Dawn. Photo: Ari Frankel


tori-slideshowThe gift of time becomes evident when you step out of your familiar routine.  Time approaches the fluid state, evolving from the linear progression in which we normally view it.  I have been given the gift of time while at a residency at Djerassi, the time to "just be".