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PRESS RELEASE: [Anti]disciplinary Topographies

[Anti]disciplinary Topographies: Culturing transnational dialogue for creative hybridity


[LINZ, AUSTRIA] From 8 to 12 September, Leonardo will be a critical node in the Ars Electronica Gardens, a virtual map that stretches across the planet. Expanding the launch of LASER Linz, Leonardo LASER Garden can also be experienced via the Internet as an asynchronous multi platform consisting of talks, performances and online exhibitions.

Episode 08: Electronic & elemental art in [anti]disciplinary topographies

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We talk Ars Electronica, an annual festival for art, technology and society in Linz, Austria. In a collaboration with Ars Leonardocast, Kenneth Azurin and Dawn Faelnar interview Dutch fashion and textile designer Hellen van Rees about her projects at Ars 2018. Leonardo’s Vanessa Chang introduces [Anti]disciplinary Topographies for Ars 2021. The first winner of the Prix Ars Electronica, Brian Reffin Smith, reviews Lead in Modern and Contemporary Art edited by Sharon Hecker and Silvia Bottinelli.


Episode 07: Science fiction on stage & Fiction-Science in the gallery


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Derek Lee McPhatter, a playwright who unfolds narratives at the crossroads of race, class, gender, sexuality and technology speaks about his work, informed by his subjective experience as a black gay man. Edith Doove reviews the exhibition Fiction-Science—Buvard et Pichet.

Recognition of Leonardo’s Outstanding Peer Reviewers

As a result of 50 years of publishing work on the cutting edge, Leonardo has become the leading international peer-reviewed journal on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music and, increasingly, the application and influence of the arts, design and humanities on science and technology. 

Episode 06: On computer graphics and interactive techniques

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In this special bonus episode looking forward to the 2021 SIGGRAPH conference, we speak with Andrés Burbano, the 2021 Retrospective Program Chair, and discuss the history of computer graphics and creative techniques; Artificial Intelligence, art and social justice; and advice for practitioners wanting to submit their work to the SIGGRAPH art program.

Episode 05: Art on the blockchain & in critical zones

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Sarah Meyohas, an artist who centers her practice within emerging technologies, talks about art on the blockchain, including BitchCoin, crypto currency backed by her own photography. Jussi Parikka reviews Critical Zones: The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth edited by Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel.

Remember Joel Chadabe

I met Joel at Bennington College in beautiful Southern Vermont in the mid-1970s, where he was the director of the electronic music studio. Having been a ham radio operator from a young age, I'd always had an interest in electronics. Arriving after several years studying with Karel Husa at the conservatory of Ithaca College, Bennington offered a very different environment, with an intimate apprenticeship-style approach.