50th Anniversary | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

50th Anniversary

Dates or Deadline: 
28 October 2018 to 5 November 2018
Leonardo Program: 


Cellphonia is an unfamiliar NEW MEDIA form

Here is the current version, but read below first


Anyone anywhere in the world with a touch-tone phone can participate, NOW!

CALL +1 (972) 200-9122

Listen carefully to the instructions and don’t say words, but exercise one on the 4 options:

  1. Press 0 and then sing a long tone
  2. Press 2 and chant to the gods of science
  3. Press 3 and mumble like a biological entity
  4. (worst choice) hang up

Don’t hang up and after you stop vocalizing or 6 secs (which ever comes first), you will hear your contribution and the three previous contributions, then yours again.

If you go to http://cellphonia.org/LEO50

You will be taken to the front end of the most current and actively running cellphonia “Cellphone Opera” 

the Steve Bull and myself have recently put together to celebrate Leonardo 50th celebrations

Like a clown that never stops juggling this “birthday party” entertainment is always on and available.

It works on any smart phone for input and if there is web access the user can “play” their own contribution and the previous 11 callers.

So it isn’t a performance unless the audio from a cellphone is amplified or a web browser is projected and someone interacts with the “village” of sounds.

Minister of Culture for Uruguay Recognizes Leonardo’s 50th Anniversary

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the coordination of the national education; of the promotion of the country‘s cultural development; of the preservation of artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the nation; of the innovation, science and technology and the promotion and strengthening of the protection of human rights. We congratulate Leonardo’s 50th anniversary host Anilla Cultural Latino América - Europa en Uruguay and its director Delma Rodriguez and thank the Ministry of Culture for the declaration of interest.

Dates or Deadline: 
23 August 2018 to 10 September 2018
Leonardo Program: 


The Leonardo Slam is an event for cross contamination of ideas, a short open public gathering based on the format of poetry slam, but more free-form: an individual or group may present work, words, stories, video, sound, ideas about work, work about ideas, work about work, ideas about ideas, work about nothing, ideas about music, music about performances, apples about oranges, oranges about history, history about histories, dance about architecture, et cetera.

Present or demonstrate an artwork, give a serious presentation, give a parody presentation, read a manifesto, tell an anecdote, involve the audience, improvise a song. There is no limit on the form of the presentation other than having a non negative duration and not being too long.

Leonardo Archive Material: Assorted materials from the Leonardo Archive are here for reference and inspiration. Presentations need not be directly related to this material, but feel free to seed your clouds with it. Readings based on this material may receive special consideration.

Presentations may be given in any language.

Sign up is encouraged in order to reserve a spot for presentations. If you register, you are guaranteed a slot. If you do not register, then you still may be able to present depending on space & time, but without guarantee.

Spectator spots allocated on first come first serve basis.

Microphone, audio & video playback equipment will be provided.

Prizes will be awarded according to a set of criteria perhaps including, but not limited to:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Presentation Style
  • Orderliness
  • Disorderliness
  • Compliance to IEEE 1872-2015
  • Public Involvement
  • Sense of Humor
  • How Appropriately the Wine Pairs With the Cheese
  • Balance
  • Most Jargon
  • Most Inappropriate Combination of Topics
  • Audience Prize
  • The Sleeper Award
  • Most Creative use of PowerPoint
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Loudest

Free Pizza & Beer.

Address further questions to the.leonardo.slam@gmail.com.

Sponsored by Interface Cultures/Kuntuniversität Linz.

Leonardo was founded in 1968.

About Leonardo

Dates or Deadline: 
15 August 2018 to 15 September 2018
Organized by: 
San Francisco
United States
Leonardo Program: 

As part of Leonardo's 50th Anniversary Convening CODAME Art + Tech will be presenting "Intersections"

Below is a call for artists and performers.

What are the mutual interests of these “two cultures” and how do they drive each other to ask different questions? We invite works that explore the intersections and defy the boundaries of art, science, and technology, be they at the borders of disciplines, the borders of knowledge, the borders of perception, or the borders of the skin. 

Consider: How might art history and the languages of art have shaped the emergence of new technologies? How has artistic method shaped scientific process, and vice versa? In a world rife with imaging and tracking technologies (digital cameras, surveillance, data-mining), how might art envision these new and emerging forms of seeing, moving, and being? As new technologies license unexpected forms of perception (enabling us, for example, to look at the very small - dust, bacteria, atoms - and the very large - stars, galaxies, massive corpuses of data), how can aesthetic projects reflect or refract these perceptual shifts? How might advances in science and technology create new aesthetic mediums? How have these intersections fostered new forms of expression? In what ways might works of art offer critical resources for addressing some of the more euphoric or ominous futures portended by technological advances? 

Send us any relevant artworks and description to be considered for your project proposal. All mediums and formats accepted.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dates or Deadline: 
1 August 2018 to 30 September 2018
Organized by: 
San Francisco
Leonardo Program: 

We have a limited number of scholarships available for the Leonardo 50th Convening.

The scholarship is for registration only. We do not have any travel funds.

To apply send the following to: leonardo@leonardo.info SUBJECT: Convening Scholarship Application


Send an email answering the following questions:

1. Why do you want to attend the Convening?

2. Would you be able to stay the entire two days?

3. Are you a student, retired, independent artist, other?

4. Send a link to your website (if you have one), CV or Resume, Linkedin profile.

We will let the recipients know by October 10, 2018.

Dates or Deadline: 
25 January 2018 to 1 March 2018
Organized by: 
United States
Leonardo Program: 



To participate and support in Leonardo’s 50th Anniversary Convening 3-4 November 2018 in San Francisco and to assist with other 50th Anniversary global events.

About the Position

This position would involve event production and planning leading up to a two-day gathering in San Francisco that will involve cross-disciplinary research, art, science and practice. The position would involve the intern communicating directly with event support staff, location facilities, vendors, artists and other participants. This is an excellent position for someone who wants to build their network, interested in hospitality, art production and event planning.

The intern will also share and communicate via social media around other Leonardo 50th Anniversary events around the world. Leonardo is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with 20 global connecting the arts, sciences and technology. Most of the events are self-hosted and connect back to the Leonardo headquarters for outreach support. More at Leonardo.info/50th-anniversary

This internship can start as early as summer 2018 but needs to go through November 2018.

About the Event

The Convening

Based on the SEAD study, Steps to an Ecology of Networked Knowledge and Innovation, (link is external) Leonardo/ISAST host a regional event for our 50th anniversaries that alchemizes all the action categories listed in the report. The event aims to create the following sentiments - igniting, experiential, crucial, embodied, challenging and fun. The event design will bring together attendees from disciplines and experiences. The outcome of the event will not only be to manifest the actions categories but to jointly create a potent statement of premise or manifesto. 

Tentative Program

Day 1 - Experiential

Lightening keynotes curated to inspire.
This day will encompass a set of transdisciplinary experiences ranging from small art/sci collaborations, institutions, academia and corporate innovation.
Evening Reception.

Day 2 - Vision Planning

This day participants will gather for a facilitated day-long future-casting workshop focused on the transdisciplinary movement as a whole and it's relationship to society. This may result in a manifesto or multiple manifestoes, new collaborations and a new vision for Leonardo.

SEAD Action Categories

Translating, Convening, Including, Documenting, Enabling, Embedding, Situating, Sense, Making, Learning, Collaborating, Thriving.

Required Skills

Detailed oriented, comfortable with logistic planning, outgoing personality, comfortable talking to strangers.

Time Frame

Start date open (immediate) - End mid-November 2018

Time Commitment

15-20 hours per week


Bay Area local. Must be able to travel to San Francisco and Oakland.

Reporting to

Leonardo Managing Director.

About the Leonardo/ISAST Internship Program

Leonardo creates opportunities for the powerful exchange of ideas among practitioners in the arts, sciences
and technology. By enhancing communication among scientists, artists and engineers, Leonardo supports experimental projects and interacts with established institutions of art and science to transform their research and educational practices. From its beginnings, Leonardo has served as THE virtual community for networking, resource-sharing, disseminating best practices, supporting research and offering events in art/science/technology.

Mentorship First

Leonardo approaches internships as more like apprenticeships. The Leonardo internship program aims to enrich the learning goals and networks of the intern. The program will provide mentorship, skill development, project portfolio and on-the-job training.


Other perks of the internship include a free subscription to ARTECA, Leonardo’s aggregator where you will have access to all Leonardo content as other valuable information about art, sciences and technology; Invitations to VIP Leonardo events; and a profile posting on our online Leonardo Electronic Directory.

Company Culture

Leonardo has a small but mighty team with a passionate volunteer force. Interns are included in staff meetings, outing
and brainstorming. We are a “no-drama” office, laid back and casual. We’re adaptable to your schedule and believe in working smart and keeping a healthy mindset. We are a dog-friendly office.

Downtown Oakland

It’s easy to get to our office directly above the downtown Oakland BART line and near public parking. The area offers art galleries, great cafes, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. It’s a short walk away from Jack London Square and Lake Merritt.