Jacques Mandelbrojt

Jacques Mandelbrojt is a painter and theoretical physicist born in 1929 in Asnières, France. His first oil paintings appeared in 1943 and since 1954 have been featured in more than 30 one-man shows and 20 international group exhibitions. Former Professor of physics at Université de Provence, he also created and directed the University Department of Visual Arts at Luminy. He has been a member of Leonardo editorial board since 1970 and a member of the Laboratoire de Musique et Informatique de Marseille (MIM). His dual experience as painter and theoretical physicist led him to write since 1967, mainly in Leonardo, over 30 articles on art and science particularly on the comparison of their creative processes, co-edit (with L.Alcopley and G.Careri) a special issue “Art and Science: Similarities, Differences and Interactions,” publish two books on these themes, give numerous lectures, and co-organize several colloquia. Time is an essential element of his paintings, either in their elongated format or in the series. He has given numerous concerts-exhibitions and a CDExtra "Paintings Perused," made up from 400 of his paintings, with the seven composers of MIM. He has served as Guest Editor, with Jack Ox, for "Synaesthesia and Intersenses" in Leonardo. Email: jmandelbrojt@wanadoo.fr.


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