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Project Delphi

Project Delphi is Leonardo’s experimental hub that we are using to explore how to reimagine Leonardo for the next 50 years and beta test the future. It provides a space for international dialogue in the community before, during and after each of our global anniversary celebrations. Project Delphi collects and publishes ideas, concepts and the work of researchers, scholars, artists and innovators. We invite you to join the conversation today.

During 2017–18, we will be collecting, curating and disseminating the results of these online and in-person collaborations. And at the end of 2018, this invaluable input from our community—from you—will help to inform how we redesign our programs and refocus our mission for the next 50 years. We are committed to a transparent design-thinking process with you at the center.

The following are a few ways you can participate:

  • Contribute to the conversation on social media by using #Leo50 on Twitter or Instagram
  • Join us in person at any of our 50th anniversary celebrations
  • Share your thoughts, beginning with the short survey below


50th Anniversary Community Input

To help us reimagine Leonardo's next 50 years, join us in Project Delphi where we will be gathering and sharing responses with the community. To start, we have three questions for you, beginning with the one below.

50th Anniversary Blogs

By Merve Şahin

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By Stacy Jerger

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the coordination of the national education; of the promotion of the country‘s cultural development; of the preservation of artistic,...

By Stacy Jerger

Grab Leonardo’s I AM ART AND SCIENCE 50th Anniversary Facebook Frame! Join our 50th anniversary celebration on Facebook by adding a frame to your profile picture. And Like us on Facebook. How...

By Stacy Jerger

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By Danielle Siembieda

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By Lanfranco

Lanfranco Aceti, Visiting Professor and Research Affiliate at MIT and Director of the Arts Administraiton Program at Boston University, is delighted to announce that LEA published by MIT Press...

By ScottTrent

1.  What should be submitted? This should be your pet project, greatest idea, most lauded work, what you want others to see, what you want to get funded, or a project you want to promote for...

By ScottTrent

My name is Scott Trent.  I'm an artist, academic, consultant, community activist and author.  I am you.  Following is an explanation of the Project Delphi experiment: I’m reaching...

By Stacy Jerger


By Danielle Siembieda

Beginning in mid-2017, we invite you to share your ideas, experiments and history with Leonardo. Feel free to participate in the dialogue on http://leonardo.info/project-delphi.

The Delphi Method

The Delphi method (/ˈdɛlfaɪ/ DEL-fy) is a structured communication technique originally developed as a systematic, interactive forecasting method that relies on a community of experts. The Rand Corporation developed the Delphi method in the 1950s to forecast the impact of technology on warfare. The Leonardo Project Delphi is designed to facilitate international dialogue in the Leonardo community. This page serves as Project Delphi's hub where we collect and publish the ideas, concepts and work of the researchers, scholars, artists and innovators. Join the conversation.

Scott Trent Headshot

Scott Trent
Project Delphi Curator and Facilitator

Scott Trent is a metal sculptor and the founder and event director for the Henderson Art Project, 2009–2011. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Dallas in the school of Arts & Technology. His area of specialty is Design, utilizing digital media that facilitates collaboration. University courses taught by Scott include Digital Imaging, Information Design for New Media, Business and the Digital Arts, and Principles of Design. To find out more about Project Delphi, contact Scott at scott@inxlab.com.

For Facilitators

Would you like to facilitate Project Delphi in your community?

We have printable materials for you to download.

Questions? Contact Scott Trent at scott@inxlab.com.