50th Anniversary Partners and Teams | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

50th Anniversary Partners and Teams

It is our pleasure to be able to partner with organizations around the world that excel at elevating conversations among artists, scientists and technology.


Nina Czegledy - Partnership Liason and Committee Chair
Bradley Jerger - Designer
Steve Musial - Website Designer
Marc Hebert - Board Chair
Sheila Pinkel - 50th Anniversary Committee 
Stacy Jerger - Welcome Kit Designer and Social Media Manager
Danielle Siembieda - Managing Director, Leonardo Convening Director

ISEA 2017
Felip C. Londono, symposium director

Rejane Spitz Laboratorio/Nucleo de Arte Eletronica
Departamento de Artes & Design/PUC-Rio sponsored by NVDIA

Pier Luigi Capucci 
La Comunicazione Diffusa Associazione Culturale

Balance-Unbalance BunB 2017 conference
Mike Phillips and Ricardo Dal Farra, supported by the Eden Project

Concordia University, Montreal
Ricardo Dal Farra and Gisèle Trudel, supported by Milieux and Hexagram​​​​​​​

Semaphore Research Cluster, University of Toronto
Matt Ratto, director, Semaphore, and Adam Tindale, associate professor, OCAD

ISEA 2018
Marcus Neustetter

Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art at ITK
Jadwiga Charzyńska, director, Laznia, and Ryszard Kluszczynski

Aalto University
Philip Dean, Lilly Díaz - Aaalto University

Ian Clothier, executive director

Intermedia Department, Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Miklos Peternak, chairman, Intermedia Department, and Zoltan Szegedy-Maszak, vice rector

Anna Frants, Cyland Media Lab

SciArt Magazine
Julia Buntaine, Executive Editor

The Exploratorium

College Arts Association


Pedro Pombo, director, Universidade de Aveiro