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Richard Kade

Ubiquitous Iconoclastat Epimenides, Inc.
United States
Focus area: AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes), Anthropology, Art History, Dance, Choreography, Music, Musicology, Net Art, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Sound, Acoustics, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Richard Kade has been, from 1989 until his retirement in 2018, Ubiquitous Iconoclast at Xerox Corporation serving as cognitive and syllogistic alembic. He has been a panelist on the Leonardo Reviews since 1997. From 2004-08 he was a visiting scholar at Stanford University where, along with is late wife,  Diana Pezzi-Kade, he has conferred on matters pertaining to Constitutional Law with various fellows at the Hoover Institution as well as the late Robert H. Bork.
From 1972-75 he was an orchestrator and arranger, performing at White House functions during the Nixon and Ford administrations.

Journal Articles:

De Profundus: Adumbrative Reflections?

June 2000

Age of Spiritual Machines

June 2000

Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity by 2100?

February 2001