New NMC Board Members + Media-N edition: Investigating Remix

Dates or Deadline: 
8 February 2021 to 9 April 2021

New Media-N issue - Forking Paths in New Media Art Practices: Investigating Remix

This special issue of Media-N on contemporary approaches to remix was inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’s short story, “The Garden of Forking Paths,” a recurring point of reference in the development of media culture. Prior to terms such as new media, digital art, media art, and remix, Borges’s narrative exploration of bifurcation as a means of reflecting on the possibility of multiple simultaneous realities with no clear beginning or end has offered a literary and philosophical model for creative uses of emerging technology throughout the twentieth century. The essays included in this special issue provide a glimpse into the relation of Borgesian multiplicity and remix as an interdisciplinary methodology. 


New Board Members

The New Media Caucus is pleased to announce the results of our 2021 election, and welcomes the following members of our Board of Directors:

  • Robert Derr, Professor of Art, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Natalia Fuchs, Director, Media Art Center for Research and Methodology, Moscow
  • Mona Kasra, Assistant Professor of Digital Media Design, University of Virginia
  • Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Assistant Professor of Art & Digital Media, Marist College
  • Britt Ransom, Associate Director of the School of Art, CSULB
  • Jennifer Zaylea (re-elected), Adjunct Assistant Professor, The University of the Arts

New Officers:

  • Meredith Drum, Secretary. Assistant Professor, School of Visual Arts, Virginia Tech
  • Rashin Fahandej, Chair of Resources Committee. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Interactive and Emerging Media, Emerson College
  • Rebecca Forstater, Co-Chair of Grants, Scholarships and Finance Committee
  • Johanna Gosse (re-elected), Executive Editor, Media-N Journal. Assistant Professor of Art History and Visual Culture, University of Idaho

We thank the following Board members whose terms of service conclude in February 2021:

  • Nadav Assor, Associate Professor, Studio Art Department, Connecticut College  
  • Patrick Lichty, Assistant Professor, Zayed University 
  • Stephanie Tripp, Associate Professor of Communication, The University of Tampa 

DIVERSITY STATEMENT: The New Media Caucus is committed to extending and sustaining the diversity of our community, board, and membership, to promote an environment of equality, inclusion, and respect for difference. We prioritize inclusion as an ongoing collaborative process of growth that we continually address, both within the Caucus and in our field.