Livestream Catena: Sound/Image Through a Hybrid Network | Leonardo/ISAST

Livestream Catena: Sound/Image Through a Hybrid Network

Dates or Deadline: 
14 January 2022
Organized by: 
Counter Plus
San Francisco
United States

LIVESTREAM CATENA: sound/image through a hybrid network

The CounterPulse/Thoughtworks residency presents an opportunity for Dilate Ensemble to take on a physical and conceptual expansion of their telematic practice. “CATENA: sound/image through a hybrid network” is a live, hybrid installation that explores these questions: What does it mean to scale up again to incorporate the body and the architecture of a space?  How does the nature of connection shift when incorporating hybrid presence (live & remote for performers and audience)?  Are there different ways of thinking about what “hybrid” performance can mean or how it can manifest? How will changes to each “node” within the technological network impact the nature of the exchange?  

The audience will view a virtual livestream of a non-looping, full-length visual and sonic landscape in which Dilate Ensemble plus special guest dancer/choreographer Shinichi Iova-Koga will be investigating how the imprint of a physical space and the bodies within it can impact a networked ecosystem from CounterPulse in San Francisco/Yelamu.

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