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Natasha Vita-More

Natasha Vita-More, media artist and normative futurist, has a BFA, University of Memphis; filmmaker-in-residence, University of Colorado; MS, University of Houston; and is currently a PhD Candidate, Planetary Collegium, CAiiA, University of Plymouth. Her research investigates regenerative existence, with a focus on nanoscience, bioscience, and cognitive science as relating to transhumanism. She is a proponent human rights and ethical means for human augmentation. Natasha’s conceptual design, “Primo Posthuman,” is featured in Wired, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Net Business, Teleopolis, and The Village Voice. She has appeared in two dozen documentaries on aesthetics of the future and posthumans, and has exhibited at Brooks Memorial Museum, London Contemporary Museum, Women in Video, Telluride Film Festival, and the United States Film Festival. Natasha has been published in Nanotechnology Perceptions, Vol.2, Technoetic Arts, Vol. 5.3, Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, Death And Anti-Death Vol. 2, Cryonics, Vol. 22.1, and Extropy, Vol. 17. From 2001 to 2006, Natasha was President of Extropy Institute and she is currently advisor to non-profit organizations including Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, LifeBoat Foundation, and Alcor Foundation, is a senior associate at Foresight Nanotech Institute, Honorary Vice Chair WTA, outreach director AGI-08, and consultant to IBM on the future of human performance.