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Matthew Landrus

at Rhode Island School of Design - RISD
United States

Matthew Landrus specializes in the history of medieval through early eighteenth century art, architecture, technology, and natural philosophy, with a specific interest in the Italian Renaissance. As an art historian, he is particularly interested in the artist's intent, education, and general knowledge. Mostly at issue in his research is the role of the investigative and inventive processes in the work of an artist, architect, engineer, and art theorist. These studies involve a range of interests, from analyses of barely visible metal stylus incisions on artist drawings, to the mathematical, geometrical, and philosophical estimates and ideas in artist notebooks.
At the Rhode Island School of Design, he teaches Renaissance, baroque and science of art courses. He is also associate lecturer at the Open University.
He received a doctorate from Oxford University in 2006, where he studied medieval, Renaissance, and baroque drawings and manuscripts in European collections. In 2006, he published The Treasures of Leonardo da Vinci (HarperCollins), now available in eleven languages. By DecemberÝ2008, he intends to have published a monograph of Leonardo's 'Giant Crossbow' drawing. His work in progress includes research on Leonardo's treatise program, his proportion theories, Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, Francesco Vanni's early paintings, and Guido Reni's work.

Journal Articles:
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The Proportional Consistency and Geometry of Leonardo's Giant Crossbow

February 2008