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Machiko Kusahara

at Waseda University

Machiko Kusahara is a media art curator and a scholar in the field of media studies. Her recent research focuses on correlation between digital media and traditional culture including Device Art, which is an on-going collaborative project among artists and researchers in Japan. Her publications cover history of computer graphics, analysis of Japanese mobile phone culture, game culture and other fields related to media art, science, technology and culture. Her essays are included in books such as MediaArtHistories (MIT Press), Art@Science (Springer), The Robot in the Garden (MIT Press) among others.
Kusahara has curated digital art internationally and produced projects since 1985. She was involved in founding Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and NTT/ICC, and served as a jury member for international exhibitions including SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, LIFE, and the Japan Media Arts Festival.
Kusahara holds a Ph.D. in engineering from University of Tokyo for her theoretical research in the field. She is currently a professor of media studies at Waseda University and a visiting professor at UCLA.

Journal Articles:

The Art of Creating Subjective Reality: An Analysis of Japanese Digital Pets

August 2001