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Slavko Kacunko

at Universität Osnabrück

Slavko Kacunko, b. 1964 in Osijek (Croatia), is an Art- and Culture Historian, Media Theorist and Philosopher. He studied Philosophy, Art History and Pedagogy at the University of Zagreb and Osijek, Promotion in Dusseldorf (1999), Habilitation in Osnabruck (2006). 2003-2009: Junior Professor for Art History of the Modern Period at the University of Osnabruck (Germany). Published books (in German): Marcel Odenbach. Performance, Video, Installation 1975–1998 (1999); Dieter Kiessling. Closed-Circuit Video 1982–2000 (2001); Las Meninas transmedial. Painting. Catoptrics. Videofeedback (2001); Closed Circuit Video Installations. A Contribution to the History and Theory of Media Art (2004); Mirror. Medium. Art. On the History of Mirror in the Age of Image (2009, in print). Recent published article: M.A.D. Media Art Database(s)and the Challenges of Taste, Evaluation, and Appraisal; in: Leonardo Journal, Issue 42:3, June 2009.

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M.A.D.: Media Art Database(s) and the Challenges of Taste, Evaluation and Appraisal

June 2009