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Joanna Griffin

at American University in Cairo

Joanna Griffin is an artist and educator from the UK. Her current work investigates orbiting satellites and spacecraft, the mental spaces this built environment opens up and its occupying culture.
She has been Artist-in-Residence at the University of British Columbia and Arts Council England Fellow at the Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley. Recent works have been audio performance improvisations with sound artist/dj CD Evans, short films, participative installations and an online observatory.
From 1993 to 2003 she taught Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Wolverhampton and Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton, UK. She has an MA Fine Art from Edinburgh University and an MA Hypermedia Studies from the University of Westminster.

Journal Articles:
General Articles

Moon Vehicle: Reflections from an Artist-Led Children's Workshop on the Chandrayaan-1 Spacecraft's Mission to the Moon

June 2012

Visualizing Biological Complexity in Cephalopod Skin: A Synergy of Art and Science Technologies

October 2015