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Mark Ballora

Professor of Music Technologyat Pennsylvania State University
University Park,
United States
Focus area: Sound, Acoustics, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education

Mark Ballora is professor of music technology at Penn State University, where he teaches courses in basic audio production, musical acoustics, history of electroacoustic music, and software programming for musicians. He is author of the textbook Digital Audio and Acoustics or the Creative Arts (Oxford University Press, 2016). He has done extensive work in the area of data sonification, collaborating with scientists to render datasets in sound. His work has included partnerships with cardiologists, climate scientists, meteorologists, oceanographers, cosmologists, as well as contributions to projects of Mickey Hart, drummer for the Grateful Dead.

Journal Articles:
Special Section: Music and Sound Art

Sonifying Data: For the Art, for the Science and for What Lies Between

April 2021
General Article

Heart Rate Sonification: A New Approach to Medical Diagnosis

February 2004