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Meredith Root-Bernstein

chargée de rechercheat CNRS
Focus area: Biology, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Dance, Choreography, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Sociology, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Writing, Literature, Poetry

I am an ecologist, ethnobiologist and conservation scientist, with an interest in degradation and restoration ecology, ethnography and ethnobiology of human-environment relationships, governance and policy. I work primarily in the central Chilean woodlands, but also in the Po Delta in Italy, the Lesotho highlands, and am planning research in Sudan.  I also teach human-nonhuman animal interaction at the GEODesign masters program of the Design Academy Eindhoven.  In 2019-2020 I did a diploma in art research and experimentation at ENDA (Paris).  In my permanent position as a CNRS researcher at the National Museum of Natural History (Paris) I am involved in the Museum's Art-Science Commission.  I collaborate with several artists, and try to find the time to develop my own art practice.

Journal Articles:
Special Section: ArtScience: The Essential Connection

A Bird in the Microcosm: An Environment of Found Objects Constructed to Create Arbitrary Preferences in Starlings

October 2008

Rómulo de Carvalho/António Gedeão, Scientist-Artist

October 2012
Artists' Notes

Conservation Science and Contemporary Art: Thinking about Tenerife

February 2017