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David Carrier

at Case Western Reserve University
United States

DAVID CARRIER has been a Getty scholar, a Clark Fellow and a senior fellow at the National Humanities Center. More recently, he has taught in Beijing on a Fulbright-Luce Fellowship. His most recent books are PROUST/WARHOL: ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHY OF ART and A WORLD ART HISTORY AND ITS OBJECTS, both 2008. His books in progress include ABSTRACTION SINCE 1945 (Prestel) and with Joachim Pissarro, KANT AND MODERNISM.

Journal Articles:

A Puzzle for Readers of Arthur Danto’s Aesthetic Theory

June 2022
Historical Perspective

The Story of Leonardo: One Author's Perspective

June 2017
Special Section: Highlights from the IEEE VIS 2014 Arts Program (VISAP'14): Part 3

Soybots: Mobile Micro-Gardens

October 2017
Special Section: Highlights from the IEEE VIS 2015 Arts Program (VISAP’15)

20/X: Visuality, Representation and Epistemology in the Age of Intelligent Seeing Machines

February 2018

E.H. Gombrich and Leonardo: The Role of Scientific Psychology in Art History

June 2018
Special Section: Papers from the 4th and 5th Balance-Unbalance International Conference, Part 2

Gardens, Machines and Education

June 2018
Invited Review

The Aesthete in Pittsburgh: Public Sculpture in an Ordinary American City

February 2003
Special Section: Leonardo Celebrates Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo and Leonardo da Vinci

February 2008

The Future of Art History in the Context of Psychology and the Cognitive Sciences

October 2011