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Mihai Nadin

That's who I am
United States
Focus area: Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Neuroaesthetics

Not unlike his education, Mihai Nadin’s professional life combines philosophy, aesthetics, semiotics, mathematics, computers, digital technology, electronics, and cognition. Several of his colleagues have qualified him as "a true renaissance man." Nadin believes more in applying knowledge for future contexts than in glorifying the past and its achievements for their own sake.  He has lectured and written extensively on mind, cognition, visualization, the semiotics of the visual, and various aspects of human-computer and human-technology interaction. In his book, Mind—Anticipation and Chaos, he introduced original ideas in the fields of cognition and education. His 18th book, The Civilization of Illiteracy, traces the development of human pragmatic activity that has led to the underlying structure characteristic of the new age of the digital. His most recent book is Disrupt Science. The Future Matters (Springer, 2023)

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