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Marc Berghaus

self-employed artistat N/A
United States
Focus area: Experimental Music, Fine Arts 2D, Fine Arts 3D, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Optics, Visual Perception, Photography, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Sculpture, Spacial, Site Specific, Place Making, Sound, Acoustics, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Marc Berghaus is a sculptor, sound artist, and writer currently living in Kansas. His work has been primarily concerned with the workings and perception of chance, and the perception of environments. He has exhibited work throughtout the American midwest and southwest, and has published work in Leonardo Music Journal and several other publications. He is just starting to get some fiction published. 

Journal Articles:
Artists' Notes

Some Ideas for Three-Dimensional Musical Scores

December 2011

Three Environments

December 2013
Artists' Statements

Simulated Chance and Staggered Gear Ratios

December 2007