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Robert Poss

President and Ownerat Trace Elements Records
New York,
United States
Focus area: Music, Musicology, Sound, Acoustics

Electric guitarist and composer Robert Poss has performed and recorded with Rhys Chatham, Nicolas Collins, Phill Niblock, Susan Stenger and Bruce Gilbert, and has composed music for choreographers Sally Gross, Gerald Casel and Alexandra Beller.  In 1986, he formed the wall-of-guitars group Band Of Susans, which Rolling Stone Magazine called "adamantly arty, brainy, visceral and bracing. Reviewing his 2010 solo release Settings:  Music For Dance, Film, Fashion and Industry, The Wire wrote that Poss' "abiding love for electric guitar is no casual dalliance or detached Platonic infatuation; it's an erotic commitment, an obsessive plunge into the instrument's metallic churn and enveloping drone." He continues to perform his guitar and electronics pieces in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe.

Journal Articles:

The Psychoacoustics of Mono

December 2002
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The G SC-1: Obscure Object of Sonic Desire

December 2007