| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Noé Badillo

Founder and Curatorat Hyperion Gallery
Focus area: Architecture

Noe Badillo is an artist and philosopher. He completed his dissertation on the Italian Baroque architect Guarino Guarini in 2021 at Arizona State University. A profound fascination with light guides his research, through the reading of texts from Ancient Greece to the Baroque period, that pertain to the mysterious, ineffable, metaphysical quality of light, how light is thought of within literature, and expressed in art and architecture as well. As an artist, he has been working professionally since the mid-1990s. At the turn of the century, he studied in Rome, and upon his return, worked under the great Argentinian artist Osvaldo Romberg. In 2022, he founded Hyperion Gallery, featuring works by many renowned artists, known in Europe as well as internationally.