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Jazmín Adler

Assistant Researcherat The National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)
Jazmín Adler
buenos aires,
Focus area: Art History

Jazmín Adler holds a PhD in Comparative Theory of the Arts from the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) and a BA in Art History from Buenos Aires University (UBA). Her research field addresses the relationship between art, science and technology; the historiographical omissions in the canonical narratives of technological art history, mainly those that link the Latin American scene with the narratives of the Global North; and the intersections between art, technology, politics and materiality in Latin America. These topics have been tackled within the framework of her doctoral and postdoctoral research, both funded by scholarships of CONICET, Argentina. She is currently an Assistant Researcher at CONICET and the director of the postgraduate program «Technologies in Contemporary Art» at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters – Buenos Aires University. She is also professor at the BA and MA in Electronic Arts (UNTREF), the MA in Curatorial Studies (UNTREF), and the MA in Interactive Design (FADU-UBA). Jazmín is the author of the books Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología en el ICI-CCEBA: del impulso del video a las inteligencias artificiales (2021), En busca del eslabón perdido: arte y tecnología en (2020), and Redes de energía: arte argentino (2018); and the compiler of Desmantelando la máquina: transgresiones desde el arte y la tecnología en Latinoamérica (2021). Throughout the last years, she was granted postdoctoral scholarships to carry out research stays at the Getty Research Institute (Los Angeles) and the Universität der Künste (Berlin). She has also curated exhibitions in museums, galleries and art fairs, and has disseminated her research findings in scientific journals and academic meetings in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, México, Costa Rica, Ecuador, USA, England, Ireland, Germany and Spain.