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Daria Vysokova

Magister of Art&Scienceat ITMO
Russian Federation
Focus area: Analog

Darya Vysokova is an engineer, interdisciplinary artist and researcher.
Born in 1999 in the Far East, in Khabarovsk. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.
Currently, she holds a master's degree in Art&Science from ITMO.
Finalist of the UMNIK grant competition (2019) in the direction of engineering development. She took part in exhibitions at such large venues in St. Petersburg as New Holland (2022) and Sevkabel Port (2022).
In her works, the artist explores the relationship between people and technology, interspecies communications, combining modern methods with archaeological media research. The artist works with digital and physical objects in the field of technological art, using homemade analog and digital tools, computer algorithms and symbiotic connections.