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R. Barnett

History of Consciousness - Department Manager and Graduate Program Coordinatorat UC Santa Cruz
Focus area: Linguistics

Ruby (Ruthanna) Barnett was the Studio Manager and Senior Researcher at the Harrison Studio and Center for the Study of the Force Majeure from 2017-2021. After earning her Ph.D. in Linguistics, she entered the nonprofit sector, providing advocacy in housing and homelessness, debt, employment and welfare. As a lawyer in Oxford, she specialized in immigration and human rights. After moving to Santa Cruz, she answered an intriguing local ad which led to her meeting and beginning work with Newton Harrison. She remains deeply aware of the urgency of our climate emergency and is committed to working on the necessary transitions for a paradigm shift. She is an alumna of the Capra Course on Systems Thinking where she facilitates a study group.  

Journal Articles:
Special Section: Disremembering the Harrisons

On Newton Harrison: An Open Mind and a Bad Attitude

June 2023