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Iris Xie

Image Description: Iris, a light skinned Asian person with long, wavy black hair and gold and black rimmed hexagonal glasses, is smiling directly at the camera. They are wearing a deep v neck light-medium gray t-shirt
United States

Iris Xie (they/them/theirs) is a disabled, neurodivergent, queer trans nonbinary 2nd generation Chinese American multi-discipline writer, artist, and designer from the Bay Area, currently living in Davis, CA. Iris recently graduated from UC Davis with an MFA in Design, and has a double B.A. in Gender, Sexuality, Women's Studies, and English from UC Davis. For their MFA thesis, Iris designed interactive installations involving lyric/poetry games, solo live action role playing games (solo LARPs), a board game, interactive fiction zine games, and stim objects that explore neurodivergence and invisibilized disability through the framework of crip technoscience and disability justice. Their knowing-making practice centers on finding rest and self-trust while traversing liminality through discovering their political identities as a disabled queer trans person of color. Iris is also a member of the Critical Design Lab, which centers collaborative access research on disability culture and crip technoscience. They are also part of QT Labs at UC Davis, and are creating an interactive Augmented Reality installation to highlight queer and trans international grad student experiences. They also write prose and poetry, and love making friends and having conversations, so please say hi!