| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Tosh Swain

Marketing Specialist
United States

Tosh Swain is the Marketing Consultant for Leonardo/ISAST (International Society of the Arts, Sciences, and Technology); founding CEO of exploringnotboring.com, a double-sided community marketplace that fosters enriching experiences and connections across communities; serves on the board of the Utah-based nonprofit, Dreamers Wish Foundation, supporting underprivileged school-aged children and youth k-12; and holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors and Social Science Composite History Teaching Certification from Weber State University. One really cool thing about history majors like Tosh is the fact that they learn to think about a problem in a multitude of ways, analyze it using various tools, and provide solutions that draw from different traditions of thought. Armed with a relentless thirst for learning and a penchant for innovative strategies, Tosh has turned this background in human history and psychology into a successful career studded with accomplishments in marketing and operations. As a certified nerd, Tosh excels in collaborative environments that demand creativity and thinking outside the box. For over a decade, she has harnessed her expertise to embolden local experts, small businesses, startups, and nonprofits on their transformative journeys toward positive impact.