| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Alexa Bonomo

Operations Coordinatorat Leonardo
San Francisco,
United States

Alexa Ann Bonomo is a new media artist and researcher with a deep interest in methods in preservation and archiving with an extensive skillset in creative technology. She is located in the San Francsico Bay Area, but her creative work primarily lives on the internet and other ephemeral settings in the form of net art and other community driven projects. Her art practice is experimental across mediums of creative coding and traditional handmade craft, primarily new methods in printmaking and fiber arts. She is currently exasperating in existential thought about how she could “revive the Arts & Crafts movement, but for the internet” and rapidly prototypes small artifacts in the form of websites or large scale installations. Alexa attempts to bestow light upon the unknown of vulnerable data that is emitted from one's self. Allegorical imagery invokes serenity, safety and charitable love for flora and fauna. She intermixes the use of born-digital art and handmade craft by handcoding websites (pure html/css/js), handmade print materials(cyanotype, block printing, fiber arts) and casting light(projection mapping). Alexa has taught various alternative and university level courses in digital design and creative coding. Currently she works on a few projects – she curates programming and teaches with Index, archiving and conserving new media works with Leonardo, and is an adjunct professor at University of San Francisco.