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Mikyo Kim

Part-Time Lecturerat Kookmin University
Mikyo Kim
Korea, Republic of
Focus area: Art Theory, Critical Theory

* EDUCATION_Kookmin University, Seoul, Republic of Korea 
Department of Fine Art(Art Theory and Criticism) Ph.D. 
Good morning, Mr. Orwell : Focusing on the Process from Full-score to Post-production
Department of Fine Art(Art Theory and Criticisma) M.F.A. 
A study of ‘humanized Art’ appeared on early Video Art: Forcused on Nam June Paik’s single channel interface work and performance
College  of  Art(Fine Arts/Sculpture Major) B.A.
Degree work : Watch your helm, sculpture
2017 - present
Creative 0(Creative collective)  Seoul, Republic of Korea 
Cooperation Curator
TORIBRIDGE Co., Ltd.  Seoul, Republic of Korea 
Public Art Consultant, Creative Team Leader
2015 - 2016
La; de  Co., Ltd. / La; de Lab  Seoul, Republic of Korea 
Serious game Researcher(Art Therapy Mobile Game)
2014 - 2015
Jeisa(製利社) Co., Ltd.  Seoul, Republic of Korea 
Art Consultant | Public media art
art center nabi  Seoul, Republic of Korea 
Creative team Researcher
Gwangju Cultural Foundation  Seoul, Republic of Korea 
2011 - 2012
The Korean Society of Art Theories  Seoul, Republic of Korea 
Assistant administrator
NMARA(New Media Art Research Association) 
Seoul, Republic of Korea 
Project Manager
SOORIM Cultural Foundation
Soorim Newwave Art Lab 2020 
Artist, Daniel Kyung’s solo exhibition “The Floating World”
Zero gravity area  Mooak police substation, 
Rising Curator’s Exhibition Support project
Artist, Soyoung You’s solo exhibition “Dance of Moth”
MCST(Minlstry of Curure, Sports and Tourism)
2018 Culture Day_the last wednesday of every month
The Day of Bathing with Art 2017, 2018
ARKO(Arts Council Korea) creative academy 
The supper aPD(arts producer & social designer) course
The C.A.T project III: Expanding Relationship
KAMS(Korea Arts Management Service)
Our Town Art Fair(alternative art market) 
Perform 2016
2011, 2016
KOSAF(Korea Student Aid Foundation)
The National Research Scholarship 
(Humanities·Social Sciences area, no.2016-0075940589) 
(Humanities·Social Sciences area, no. 2011-0494)