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Cornelia Erdmann

at Hong Kong Baptist University
Cornelia Erdmann
Hong Kong,
Hong Kong
Focus area: Fine Arts 3D

Cornelia Erdmann is a German researcher and visual artist who has been based in Hong Kong since 2006. She recently completed her PhD “On Lightscapes: Exploring the Aesthetics and Narrativities of Light and Colour” at the Academy of Visual Arts of HKBU. With a background in Fine Art (MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus-University Weimar) as well as in Architecture (Dipl.-Ing. Arch, Bauhaus-University Weimar) she blurs the boundaries between creative disciplines, exploring modes of narrativity connecting subjective realities and objective spaces. Light is an integral medium of her research and practice. Light might be intangible but evokes a sense of space and creates atmospheres which she uses to create intriguing and playful artworks.
She specialises in site-specific installations and public art works that are found in private and public collections, and at light art festivals around the globe. Her largest winning commissions are the light sculpture "The People" from 2011 for the main lobby of the new Legislative Council Complex (HK) and the light installation “Nine Dragons’ Dance” for the lobby of the new East Kowloon Cultural Centre which is currently in construction.

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