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Elizabeth Jochum

Assoc. Professor Phd.at Aalborg University
Focus area: Dance, Choreography

Elizabeth Jochum is an associate professor at Aalborg University and heads the RELATE Research Laboratory for Art and Technology. Her research uses the visual and performing arts as catalysts for re-thinking how we design and implement robots and other assistive technologies across society. From industrial robots to exoskeletons, her work focuses on developing creative, value-sensitive and human-centered approaches to developing and implementing robots to ensure the technologies we build address the real needs of people. Jochum’s work involves transdisciplinary collaboration in human-robot interaction, health, and engineering. She focuses on critical and creative approaches to health and wellbeing, with an emphasis on dance and disability, and advocate principles of STEAM (STEM + Art) to arrive at more integrated research approaches. She coordinates the Erasmus+ ABRA project on Artificial Biology, Robotics and Art.