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Nelson Diaz

Visual Physicistat MAR
Nelson J. Diaz with non-Euclidean geometry painting , Casa Hudson NY 2023
United States
Focus area: Art Theory, Critical Theory

Nelson J. Diaz is a resident of New York and Space Coast Florida where he works as an artist, and visual physicist and does historical preservation on Italian-style architecture. In 2006, he was awarded a grant from the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation as well as the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in the fine arts. In 2015, Nelson J. Diaz received the Historical Society of Rockland County Merit Award for Adaptive Use for creative di- rection in the restoration and preservation of the S.C. Blauvelt Home, which is now Casa Hudson, New York, an Italianate pensione in Haverstraw, New York. His monumental work started in the 1980s on non-Euclidean geometry in art and how systems thinking combined with multiple disciplines in topol- ogy, physics, and mathematical art representation (MAR) could possibly de- fine, pictorially, Einstein’s dream, the unified field theory of everything. Diaz received an honorary award of the visual arts from Florida International University for his thesis work on non-Euclidean geometry and the fourth di- mension in art with a thesis on artist Francis Bacon who he met in London. His artwork has been shown in many private and public collections from Leonora Vega Gallery in New York City, The New York Academy of Art and Intar Latin American Gallery as well as the Neuberger Museum of Modern Art in Purchase, New York, where he is part of their permanent collection. Today, Nelson J. Diaz is a Leonardo Journal manuscript reviewer and a STEAM edu- cator and continues his work on geometry and physics, and further develops the works of Leonardo da Vinci and British artist Francis Bacon in situating a new framework both in the visual arts and string and loop quantum gravity (LQG) theory in the bi-dimensional surface of the painting.

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February 2024