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Carinne Knight

Lecturerat Southern New Hampshire University
United States
Focus area: Digital Art, New Media

Carinne Knight is an educator, digital artist, and photographer. With a keen interest in making abstract and intangible ideologies visible, she explores the metaphoric bridge between physical and digital worlds. Themes emerge regarding nature versus nurture, ecology, identity, communication, presence and technoetics which emphasizes a connection between technology and consciousness. Carinne has earned an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a BA in Visual Arts from the Pennsylvania State University. For several years Carinne served as a studio and research assistant at the Harrison Studio and Center for the Study of the Force Majeure under the direction of renown eco-artist, Newton Harrison.

Journal Articles:
Special Section: Disremembering the Harrisons

Eco-Art: On the Topography of the Harrisons

June 2023