| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Tianding He

Founding Artsitic Directorat B·O·N·D International Virtual Performance Festival
New York (current), Irvine CA (in 2022),
United States
Focus area: Analog, Anthropology, Art Theory, Critical Theory, Augmented Reality, Biology, Body, Self, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Dance, Choreography, Design, Digital Culture, Disability Studies, Holography, Materials, Textiles Engineering, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Photography, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Site Specific, Place Making, Sociology, Sound, Acoustics, Telepresence, Video, Film, Virtual Reality, Wearables,Connected self, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Tianding He is a female theatre director, inclusive art creator, curator, scholar and puppeteer originally from China. She received her first MA degree in Performance Studies from NYU and a second master's degree in Theatre at Hunter College. She's currently pursuing her PhD in Drama at UC Irvine and UC San Diego. She focuses on creating inclusive, intercultural and experimental theatre and performances with global artists. She is the founding artistic director of B·O·N·D International Virtual Performance Festival, an online festival advocating accessible and inclusive digital performance innovations. She re-created a sound theatre into a sign language physical performance and curated panels with differently-abled artists over the world. Recent credits include virtual theatre: South Node of the Moon, immersive theatre: The White Night(Margo Feiden Gallery); puppetry show: Warning! Apocalypse! (International Virtual Toy Theatre Festival) and Me, You, He & She(Dixon Place); physical theatre: Plastic Mirror and Invisible Days. As an advocate and practitioner of inclusive performing arts, she's integrated the concept of accessible arts into all the artistic practices and research she engaged in, enabling audiences of different abilities to access performing arts.