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Eduardo R. Miranda

Journal Articles:
General Article

Interfacing the Brain Directly with Musical Systems: On Developing Systems for Making Music with Brain Signals

August 2005
Articles and Notes

Music Neurotechnology for Sound Synthesis: Sound Synthesis with Spiking Neuronal Networks

October 2009

Cloud Chamber: A Performance with Real Time Two-Way Interaction between Subatomic Particles and Violinist

February 2013
Artist’s Articles

Real-Time Hallucination Simulation and Sonification through User-Led Development of an iPad Augmented Reality Performance

June 2015

Electroacoustic Samba I

December 2000

Artificial Phonology: Disembodied Humanoid Voice for Composing Music with Surreal Languages

December 2005

LMJ29 Introduction

December 2019
Special Section: Genetic Algorithms in Visual Art and Music

On the Music of Emergent Behavior: What Can Evolutionary Computation Bring to the Musician?

February 2003