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Brad Miller

Snr Lecturerat University of New South Wales
Focus area: , Sculpture, Spacial, Computer Science, Engineering, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Design, Surveillance, Security

Brad Miller is an artist, educator, researcher and curator he lives and works in Sydney and more recently Beijing. His artistic practice bridges the fields of media arts, experimental design studio, participatory urban media architecture, software development and expanded photography. Typically, his large-scale responsive installations explore the emergent relationships between art + technology with a focus on the social balance between observation and surveillance.
His installations have interrogated photographic images: augment_me (2009); data_shadow (2011); Journey through Dashilar (2016) and—separately—crowd-sourced images and audio that explore urbanity or natural world: mediated_moments (2012); #capillary (2013); le_temps (2013) and being watched (2018).  The random and conscious associations created by these works have a complex and subtle effect on self in an age of social media and photography as a real-time mediated aesthetic experience. His recent works: plasma_flow (2012) and starry_night (2019) use algorithms and computer vision to embed the audience into simulate natural flow phenomena. Starry_night was most recently showcased at the 5th Art and Science International Exhibition at the National Museum of China, Beijing.
He has written on the nature of self in the age of ubiquitous networks and the mediation of memories.  He has presented his research at: ‘Somatic Embodiment, Agency & Mediation in Digital Mediated Environments’ Sydney (2010) and ISEA Istanbul (2011). While working with collaborators, Miller has presented his contributions at: ICDHS San Paulo (2012), ISEA Sydney (2013), Media-Arts History Conference Riga (2013) and Digital Arts Forum, Copenhagen (2013) and a member of both the Interactive Media and Creative Robotics Labs at UNSW Art & Design.
Since 2012, he has been active internationally as an exhibiting artist and curator in the field of experimental media arts. He has delivered projects for Beijing Design Week (2012); Design HOP in Beijing (2015); the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade-supported MAD.LAB@Beijing Design Week (2016); and Beijing Media Arts Biennale at Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum Beijing (2018), Hanshan Art Museum Suzhou (2018) and Shanghai Sky Contemporary Art Space Shanghai (2019).
He was a member of the Being Artificial for Beijing Art + Technology Biennale curatorium in 2020 as a co-curator and visiting scholar, other members are drawn from institutions and networks across the world such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Art Institute of Chicago and Next Nature Network. Miller's ongoing participation in the Curatorium and the inclusion of Australian practitioners in the exhibition is an exceptional opportunity to undertake sustained purposeful cultural engagement. In 2020-21, BATB will have its first regional tour and its touring partners - Hua Art Museum Shenzhen, Hanshan Art Museum Suzhou, Academy of Fine Arts Guangzhou and Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Chengdu.
He specialises in supervising practice-based post-graduate research and is particularly interested in proposals from candidates working in the areas of art + technology, natural user interfaces and research of a critical nature of internet and or database engagement in particular mass surveillance.