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Luca Forcucci

Drat www.ubqtlab.org
Focus area: Architecture, Art Theory, Critical Theory, Body, Self, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Neuroaesthetics, Computer Music, Electroacoustic Music, Sonification, Experimental Music, Music, Musicology, Photography, Science Theory, Philosophy, Sculpture, Spacial, Site Specific, Place Making, Sound, Acoustics, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Luca Forcucci is a distinguished artist and researcher. The research observes the perceptive properties and
the field of possibilities of the first person experience, which is explored as the artwork. He is interested
in perception, subjectivity and consciousness. The works are sound installations, sound walks,
performances, videos, photography and texts. Since 2008, he collaborates with scientists in the field of
neuroscience, perception and biology, and is particularly fascinated by visual mental imagery and sonic
imagination in order to explore the conceptual idea of the sonic architecture.

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Articles and Notes

Deep Listening to the Amazon Rainforest through Sonic Architectures

December 2020