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Joanna Zylinska

Professor of Media Philosophy + Critical Digital Practiceat King's College London
United Kingdom
Focus area: Art Theory, Critical Theory, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Digital Art, New Media, Photography

Joanna Zylinska is an artist, writer, curator, and Professor of Media Philosophy + Critical Digital Practice at King’s College London. She is an author of a number of books, including AI Art: Machine Visions and Warped Dreams (Open Humanities Press, 2020), The End of Man: A Feminist Counterapocalypse (University of Minnesota Press, 2018), and Nonhuman Photography (MIT Press, 2017). An advocate of “radical open-access,” she is an editor of the MEDIA : ART : WRITE : NOW book series for Open Humanities Press. Her art practice involves experimenting with different kinds of image-based media. In 2013 she was Artistic Director of Transitio_MX05 Biomediations, the biggest Latin American new media festival, which took place in Mexico City. She is currently researching perception and cognition as boundary zones between human and machine intelligence, while trying to answer the question: 'Does photography have a future?'.

Journal Articles:
Special Section of Leonardo Transactions: Agency in Movement, Part 1

On Life, Movement and Stoppage: Agency and Ethics in the Anthropocene

April 2015