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Matteo Farinella

neuroscientist, cartoonist and illustrator
New York,
United States

Farinella is a neuroscientist, cartoonist and illustrator. After completing a PhD in neuroscience at University College London in 2013, Matteo has been creating comics and illustrations to make science accessible to a wider audience. He is the author of Neurocomic (Nobrow 2013) a scientific graphic novel published with the support of the Wellcome Trust, and he has collaborated with universities and educational institutions around the world to visualize academic research. In 2016 Matteo will join Columbia University as a Presidential Scholar in Society and Neuroscience, where he will investigate the role of "visual narratives" in science communication. Working with science journalists, educators and cognitive neuroscientists, his project aims to understand how these tools may affect the public perception of science and increase scientific literacy.

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