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Takuro Osaka

Focus area: Digital Art, New Media

Focus Area:
Light Art, Zerogravity Art, Space Art, Space Archeology, Art Theory, Earth Art, Environmental Art, Public Art, Site Specific, Cybernetic Art, Kinetic Art, Eco Art, Performance Art, Sound Art, Stage Art and Light, Architecture, Lighting up, Experimental Music, Classical Music, Photography, Sculpture, Video, Film, Physics, Biology, Science Theory, Space Archeology,
Takuro Osaka is an artist who works with light and new technologies.
Born 1948 in Tokyo Japan. He has a master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts and a PhD in Arts from University of Tsukuba.
He has pioneered the field of space art in Japan.  He initiated “Cosmic Ray Series”. This demonstrates that the cosmic rays captured by a detecting device are transformed into the LED lights. “Lunar Project” was performed on July 16, 2000 when a long total eclipse of the moon took place. This project exhibited the layout and the installation to capture the moon light with 18 large mirrors over a rice field in Japan. These art works are representative works of his Space Art. 
He has also personally experienced microgravity, during a parabolic flight designed for astronaut training. Kinetic art “Spiral Top” and Water art ”Ink Ball” were Osaka created for the ISS (International Space Station) . “Spiral Top” is a device with light sources fitted on its arms, which rotates in the microgravity environment of the space station, creating unpredictable trajectories of light. These project were flown to the Japanese experiment module, KIBO, on board the ISS in May 2011, with the support of the JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).
The work of Takuro Osaka has been exhibited in museums, galleries in Asian countries and Europe. And his cybernetic and environmental art is permanent in the public space of the seven cities in Japan. 

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Artist's Note

Art in the Space Age: Exploring the Relationship between Outer Space and Earth Space

August 2004