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Matthew Marble

Cashierat Deep Roots Co-Op
Greensboro, North Carolina,
United States
Focus area: Art History, Experimental Music, Music, Musicology, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Sociology, Sound, Acoustics

Matt Marble (b. 1979, MS) is an artist, author, and audio producer. Both creatively and through historical research his work explores the inspired intersection of art and spirituality and the intuitive disciplines they mutually employ. He is the author of Buddhist Bubblegum: Esotericism in the Creative Process of Arthur Russell (Coolgrove Press, 2021) and the producer/host of Secret Sound, a podcast revealing the influences of esoteric spirituality and marginalized voices in American music history. Matt holds a Ph.D. in music composition from Princeton University and a totemic black rattlesnake from his dreams. Previous writings have been published in Abraxas Journal, Desert Suprematism, Ear_Wave_Event, and The Open Space magazine.

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Matthew Marble: Whorl

December 2011